• What Do Walnuts, Exercise and Addiction Have in Common?

    Sometimes the most obvious facts about life hide behind willing ignorance.

    Regardless how good or how bad some things are for people, we can willingly choose to ignore the facts. My wife Robin uses a great example saying, “If you knew walnuts were going to kill you, then you’d make darn sure you’d never eat another walnut.”


    But tell an alcoholic that drinking will kill them, and often you’ll get willing ignorance. It’s not rocket science. One drink leads to another and to another problem and potentially fatal risks. It’s a choice to be ignorant of the consequences. It’s another form of admitting there’s a problem. Denial gets a bad rap, because denial is a sign there’s a problem. Alcoholics and addicts will do just about anything to keep their charade going, but the fact is what they’re doing is digging an early grave for them.

    I don’t like sounding grim, but facing the truth and related consequences is something I’ve learned how to do after going through recovery two times, and helping many others in the process. It’s so common, and the problems are like walnuts.

    The same goes for exercise.

    If you knew exercise was the single best thing you could do for you life, wouldn’t you want to exercise? Yet, we do know this but we can’t get moving. Willing ignorance is making us sluggish as a society. Lack of energy causes so many problems in life. Doctors should prescribe a 20-minute daily walk instead of the pills we often get. Exercise has shown to boost your brain, body, endorphins and serotonin levels, which means we have power to have relaxing enjoyment with the power to heal.

    I’ve always been athletic and into fitness, still I struggle daily with motivation to keep moving. We all do. Maybe people are afraid of exercise. There are many excuses, lack of time, don’t know how, or afraid of injury or feeling pain. Whatever the excuse, a little exercise goes a long way.

    What’s your excuse? Are you willing to investigate your fears and beliefs? Are you willing to try?

    I suggest starting today.

    Then, start again tomorrow.

    Take it one day at a time. Find your motivation daily.

    You’ll find that every single time you exercise, you’ll smile or be grateful what you just did. I promise you’ll feel better.

    Be well,


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