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"No More Vodka in My Orange Juice" 2nd Edition.

    “My story is real, heartfelt and brutally honest; written for real
    people who want real answers and live real lives.”


    “An inspirational story about one man’s consequences, which ultimately led to a growing compassion, commitment, and ‘clarity’ of what addiction treatment can look like when you add purpose and passion to a program,”

    Sherry Gaba, LCSW, author of The Law of Sobriety, CBS radio host, and celebrity rehab psychotherapist.

    A fresh new compassionate approach to addiction recovery is presented in No More Vodka In My Orange Juice. Recovery is a learning process and Justin Daniels understands how to motivate addicts to find their path to recovery. Justin speaks from the heart and from personal experience. He offers solutions, guidance and empowerment. He is proof, that anyone can achieve a fulfilling sober life.

    Refreshing, honest and intriguing

    by Lisa Willett

    Great read! This book is inspirational and informing. I would highly recommend it! It is was nice to read and was applicable for many situations. The approach taken in the book was an approach of whole health that encourages people to take charge of their life. It is a book that was written from the heart with the purpose to help others. Love it!

    Take this Journey

    by Dina

    I found this book to be priceless in its simplicity. Justin supports the truth that treatment must be of an individual. His honesty is refreshing and allows the reader to believe in his path. This is an everyman’s guide to living. A gift.

    Great Read for Children of Addicts

    by Patrick D McAlister

    I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading. I found Justin’s story informative and enlightening. I have a parent that is a recovering alcoholic and the insight this book gave me has allowed me to look at her struggle through different eyes. Sometimes we get caught-up in the whirlwind of anger, frustration and hurt and seldom do we ask “why?”. I would recommend this book to ANYONE.

    Open and Honest, an Eye-Opener

    by JMR

    Loved Justin’s story. It takes courage to be so open and honest. Justin could be your Husband, Son, Brother, Best Friend, Neighbor, Boss, or Employee. He really could be anyone. After reading his book, you realize there are many highly functioning addicts in our society today. It is an eye-opener. To read his story is to understand one man’s struggle with addiction, his amazing journey and how he truly found his “Path to Clarity.”