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When Drinking Takes Over
Posted: November 06, 2018 By: adminCategories: Health, RecoveryComment:  0

Last week, the news reported about a drunk airline baggage handler who fell asleep in the cargo hull of a plane, and woke up in Chicago with a 737-sized hangover. May get a chuckle out of some people, but this a great example of what happens when drinking takes over your life — you could end up way off course.

How “No More Vodka In My Orange Juice", Second Edition Began New Concept in Recovery
Posted: October 30, 2018 By: adminCategories: Business, SuccessComment:  0

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Justin Daniels, Reveals How His Fight for Sobriety Led to Innovating the Recovery Industry; FREE Download Available on Halloween

Palm Beach, Fla. (October 30, 2018) – Back by popular demand, Amazon best-selling author Justin Daniels released the Second Edition, No More Vodka In My Orange Juice, with a FREE download available on Halloween at

Where It Began: From Wine Coolers to Screwdrivers
Posted: October 25, 2018 By: adminCategories: Health, RecoveryComment:  0

Before reading further, please note the following material reveals details about when I started drinking and experimenting with drugs, how much and how often and why. This may be shocking to some or completely relatable to others. Regardless, my story is my story. You have yours. But I hope you find hope woven between these lines. I’ve been there, and welcome you to stay connected with me for continued support, and to hear the how the story unfolds.

Didn’t Have to Tell Me: Super-Sized Study Says Alcohol is Bad
Posted: October 14, 2018 By: adminCategories: Health, WellbeingComment:  0

When I drink, I get wired like I’m high on cocaine. Bad things happen. Relationships suffer, priorities change and poor decisions result in really bad hangovers. I’ve already been through the years of spiking my orange juice with vodka, draining my life right down with every bottle.