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  • What Do Walnuts, Exercise and Addiction Have in Common?

    Sometimes the most obvious facts about life hide behind willing ignorance. Regardless how good or how bad some things are for people, we can willingly choose to ignore the facts. My wife Robin uses a great example saying, “If you knew walnuts were going to kill you, then you’d make darn sure you’d never eat another walnut.” True. But tell an alcoholic that drinking will kill them, and often you’ll get willing ignorance. It’s not rocket science. One drink leads…Read More

  • 3 Decisions that Led to My Gratefulness

    Time to press pause and focus on what’s important in life. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do if you’re more concerned about your next drink, where to stash the booze and good stuff where nobody’s looking. That’s not my problem these days, but I remember them, and I’m extremely grateful to be over them, and to have found a passion for wellness. Today, I’m grateful for every day I have to be alive and well with my family. But it took…Read More

  • When Drinking Takes Over

    Last week, the news reported about a drunk airline baggage handler who fell asleep in the cargo hull of a plane, and woke up in Chicago with a 737-sized hangover. May get a chuckle out of some people, but this a great example of what happens when drinking takes over your life — you could end up way off course. Alcohol has been nicknamed “liquid courage,” and I can attest to that. Unfortunately, I’d rather think of alcohol as giving a “false bravado.”…Read More

  • Where It Began: From Wine Coolers to Screwdrivers

    Before reading further, please note the following material reveals details about when I started drinking and experimenting with drugs, how much and how often and why. This may be shocking to some or completely relatable to others. Regardless, my story is my story. You have yours. But I hope you find hope woven between these lines. I’ve been there, and welcome you to stay connected with me for continued support, and to hear the how the story unfolds. 2. Where…Read More