When you are on the brink of giving up…. Then you’re right
around the corner of where you were headed.


Justin Daniels rose to prominence in the community as an extremely successful businessman and real estate investor, however he was facing his own struggles with addiction. After two stints in rehab, Justin finally came clean, and found a new passion serving others going through addiction. He created an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Clarity Way, and successfully helped thousands of people over the years. He authored No More Vodka In My Orange Juice, which became an Amazon best-selling book. After selling Clarity Way, and time of family reflection, today Justin plans to innovate the recovery industry again with plans for a Wellness Solutions Center coming soon.

A “self-made” success, Justin has owned businesses in disaster restoration, construction, flooring, daycare, and real estate holdings. He has appeared in both local and national media including CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR Radio, Redbook, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, Addiction and RENEW magazine among others. His ServiceMaster franchises were in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida and aided in the restoration of the Pentagon after 9/11, and after the hurricanes in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Justin, and his wife Robin, have two sons, Christopher and Cameron.

Positive thoughts create positive results.


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