Sep 16 2016

Mindfullness Tools & Tips

Being mindful can be a hard thing to grasp for a lot of people. It is easy for your mind to start wandering into thoughts of the future, or thinking about events that happened in the past. With mindfulness, you must learn to live in the present and enjoy the moments that come across your path. Many people get stressed very easily, or lose sight of what is very important to them. When stuff like this happens, you have to be mindful and take control of yourself and what you are doing. You cannot worry about what will happen tomorrow, or next year. Being mindful will help you enjoy life more, appreciate your friends and family, and make you aware of the little things in life that you may have been missing. There are five very important things you must do in order to be mindful of yourself.   First, you must do one thing at a time. Its understandable to want to get things done and multitask, but sometimes you really need to put all your focus on one thing. If you’re going to take a relaxing bath, don't bring your laptop in the bathroom so you can get stuff done....

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